Megjelent a QGIS 2.6

Megjelent a QGIS (korábbi nevén Quantum GIS) ingyenes és nyílt forrású térinformatikai rendszer 2.6-os, Brighton kódnevű verziója. Ez a kiadás rengeteg új funkciót és hibajavítást tartalmaz.

A változások listája angolul:

  • Improved DXF export
  • Project filename in project properties
  • Allow removing last point while measuring via del/backspace keys
  • Select related feature on the canvas from the relation reference widget
  • Editor widgets support null and other improvements
  • Optionally use just a subset of fields from the joined layer
  • Expression field (virtual fields)
  • Can toggle display of classes within graduated and categorised renderers
  • Additional expressions types and options
  • Added icon support to actions
  • Classes within graduated and categorised renderers can be toggled
  • Legend improvements such as filtering, layer management icons etc.
  • Control over hiding print composer items from prints/exports
  • Control over page printing for empty composer frames
  • New Composer Item tree panel
  • More control over appearance of composer arrow/line items
  • Data defined control of composer items
  • Composer images can be specifed as remote URLS
  • Composer Table improvements (header fonts / colors, better pagination support, filter to atlas feature etc.)
  • Composer improvements
  • Improved item snapping
  • Multiple overviews for a map item
  • HTML item improvements
  • Composer map grid improvements
  • Processing now has an online collection of models and scripts
  • Processing graphical modeller completely rewritten
  • API changes for QGIS widgets
  • Enhancements of searching with GetFeatureInfo request
  • Add a precision setting for GetFeatureInfo geometry attributes
  • Better random color choice
  • Symbology UI Improvements
  • Syntax highlighting code and expression editor
  • User defined color palettes
  • New color picker dialog
  • Single select feature tool merged into select by rectangle
  • Add layer to map canvas behavior
  • Support icon sizes of 48 and 64 pixels
  • New color buttons
  • Context menu for identify tool

A változások részletes, képekkel illusztrált listája: Changelog for version: 2.6.0

Letölthető: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD és Android rendszerekre.